Flight Service – HAWAII PACK


Flight Service Series give you more realistic flight experience recreating a real word ambience with new and unique features. You can really simulate a multi-crew enviroment with interactive briefing, checklist, Cabin Announcement and much more.

Product includes two separate set of flights for each title (one for FSX, one for FS2004). Each flight set includes three Missions / Adventures:

Flight Service Pack 5 Bundle includes 3 titles already released as single product:


Flight Service  AA666 - Honolulu to Hilo Flight Service  HA530 - Lihue to Kona Intl Flight Service  UA740 - Hilo to Kaneohe

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Missions / Adventures included:

  • A complete IFR Flight from Honolulu International Airport (PHNL, Hawaii, USA) to Hilo International Airport (PHTO, Hawaii, USA)

  • A long Approach to Hilo International

  • A short Final Approach to Hilo International ILS RWY 26

  • A complete IFR Flight from Lihue Airport (PHLI, Hawaii, USA) to Kona International At Keahole Airport (PHKO, Hawaii, USA)

  • A long Approach to Kona International

  • A short Final Approach to Kona International ILS RWY 17

  • A complete IFR Flight from Hilo International (PHTO, Hawaii, USA) to Kaneohe Bay (PHNG, Hawaii, USA)

  • A long Kaneohe Bay

  • A short Final Approach to Kaneohe Bay RWY 4 Visual


Boeing 717-200

Airbus A350-800

Bombardier CRJ-700


  • Original Sounds and voices

  • Flight Briefing with any useful information about the flight (route, weather etc.)

  • Cabin preparation (Frequencies, Autopilot etc.)

  • Step by step Check Lists Procedures (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking)

  • Charts and Maps

  • New! PES – (Passengers Entertainment System with soundtrack included!)

visit the dedicated website www.yourflightservice.com for more missions. You can also suggest us your favorite route

Boeing 717-200 American Airlines

Airbus A350-800 Hawaiian Airlines

Bombardier CRJ-700 United Express


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