FSX – Delta Northwest Boeing 747-8i


FSX – Delta Northwest Boeing 747-8i with advanced VC by Alejandro Rojas Lucena and VC texture upgrade by Enrique Cornejo. This gives the B747 a payware virtual cockpit look. It even has a pilot jacket hung in the rear of the cockpit (beside the right jumpseat). The panel.cfg and the aircraft.cfg have been assembled and edited by the Flightsim Workshop Team. Now you can pop up “my icons” window in the virtual cockpit to easily reach the following windows: GPS, avionics, map, ATC, climb/radio altimeter/spoiler switch, auto-break switch, throttle quadrant, clock, descentometer, kneeboard and overhead panel. The aircraft has new engine views (from both wings) and new virtual cockpit interior views from the left, right and central jump seats. This aircraft uses the Project Open Sky FSX B747-800 model and includes the gauge window Posky utility to view the main stairs, ground cargo servicing, etc. The engine sounds are edited like the real ones with cockpit ambient, so you can enjoy a pleasant flight. The Flight Management Computer (FMC) is fixed and looks like a payware instrument. The VC includes FMC, Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MDF) displayed in the correct size. Assembled and edited for FSX by Enrique Cornejo.
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