FS2004/FSX – Messerschmitt Bf109B/D


FS2004/FSX – Messerschmitt Bf109B/D. The Bf109B Berta and Bf109D Dora were early variants of the BF109. Both were used in the Spanish civil war. The Dora was the standard version of the Bf 109 in service with the Luftwaffe during the period just before World War Two. Despite this, the type saw only limited service during the war, as all of the 235 Doras still in service at the beginning of the Polish campaign were rapidly taken out of service and replaced by the Bf 109E, except in some Nachtjager (night fighter) units, where some examples were used into early 1940. You get both variants. Gmax model by A.F. Scrub.
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