ACI World Releases Video Commemorating 20 Years of Service to the Airport Community

 ACI World is pleased to announce the release of a video celebrating 20 years of service excellence to the airport community. The video features accolades from seven former ACI World chairmen commemorating the founding of ACI World, steadfast leadership and innovation in forming a single worldwide airport organization that today serves as the Voice of the World’s Airports.As part of this special video project, handheld flip cameras were mailed around the world to Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and to the United States to capture the sentiments of former chairmen on ACI’s past, present and future, and its impact on the airport community. 

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Featured in ACI World’s 20 

th Anniversary Video: 

• Mr Lim Hock San, ACI World Chair, 1992 – Singapore• Mr Jack F. Moffatt, ACI World Chair, 1992-1995 – Australia• Mr Paul B. Gaines, ACI World Chair, 1996-1997 – United States of America• General Jean Fleury, ACI World Chair, 1998-1999 – France• Dr Ghanem Al Hajri, ACI World Chair, 2000-2003 – United Arab Emirates• Mr Neils Boserup, ACI World Chair, 2004-2007 – Denmark• Mr James C. Cherry, ACI World Chair, 2008-2009 – Canada According to Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World, “This very special milestone project symbolizes the very best quality of ACI World’s legacy — 20 years of unwavering support of the airport community. Just 20 years ago, ACI was born from negotiations and the merger of two international organizations and today stands strong along with ICAO and IATA as the three pillars of civil aviation. Born from an ambitious agenda, ACI World continues to operate in dedicated service to its members worldwide, in the best interests of airports and in promotion of professional excellence in airport management and operations. Prior to the establishment of ACI in 1991, the airport organizations that existed at the time counted 350 member airports. In 2011, ACI counts 580 members operating 1650 airports in 179 countries and territories — Happy 20th Anniversary ACI.” 

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