FS2004 – Diamond DA-42 Twinstar


FS2004 – Diamond DA-42 Twinstar for AI. Fairly detailed close-up, the DA42 aircraft has 8 LODs that help keep it fairly efficient. Includes models for the standard Thielert DA42, the new Austro Diesel AE-300 model, and two variations on the Lycoming aircraft (one with 2-blade props and the other with 3 – counter-rotating on the Lycomings only). There are also the oddball aircraft operating for Fugro aerial surveys, with a magnetometer boom out front, and one version of the MPP aircraft, the one with the nose camera and the wacky tail winglets. You can make the camera disappear by using alpha channel in the BMPs. Flight plans to get the aircraft flying around in the sim are included. By Richard Faith.
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