FSX US Navy F-8 Bearcat VF-3A Tomcatters

FSX US Navy F-8 Bearcat VF-3A Tomcatters. This is Alpha Bleu Ciel’s Grumman F8 Bearcat updated for Flight Simulator X. The first F-8 Bearcats was designed and built during WWII, although they were not completed soon enough to see any action during that war. They did come close. The F-8 Bearcat equipped squadron VF-19 (Satans Kittens) was onboard the carrier USS Langley, headed for the Pacific theater when Japan surrendered on August 16, 1945. In 1946 Navy squadron VF-3 The Tomcatters became VF-3A, flying the F8F-1 Bearcat, Includes 2D and 3D panel. Textures and FSX updates by Mark Rooks of RDG Aircraft. 6 Mb

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