FS2004 Agusta HH-3F Pelican

FS2004 Agusta HH-3F Pelican. After the experience acquired in building (under licence) the Sikorsky H-3/S-61R Sea King, Agusta started the production of this more versatile Agusta HH-3F Pelican for the Italian Air Force as replacements of the Grumman HU-16 Albatross used for S.A.R. (Search and Rescue). The five-bladed Agusta HH-3F helicopters perform S.A.R. missions on land and sea in peace time and C/SAR (Combat SAR) during military assignents. Here is modeled the long-range search and rescue helicopter Agusta HH-3F Pelican based in Pratica di Mare AB. This model features reflective skin, VC, full animations plus floating apability. Uses eight gauges made by I. D’Attomo, the remainder are default gauges. Textures come from photos shot by the author and the cockpit background is made from scratches. By Giovanni Quai. 2 Mb

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