FS2004 Pan Am Sikorsky S-42

FS2004 Sikorsky S-42 “Pan American Clipper” NR-823M Sikorsky 4-engine flying boat flown by Pan American Airways 1935-1944. Long-range Pacific survey version. With passenger accommodations removed and fuselage tanks installed, NR-823M made 4 survey flights in 1935, scouting the first Pacific routes for Pan Am. Range 3000 miles at cruising speed of 150 mph. FSDS3.5 model with virtual cockpit, master navigation room. Model based on Sikorsky documents from New England Air Museum and photos from U. of Miami Richter library. Flight dynamics modified by Jim Douglass for more accurate performance. A flying boat, not an amphibian. No true landing gear, but beaching gear provided. Detailed list of survey flights included. By George Diemer. 10 Mb

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