Air Transat Flight 262 Toronto to Halifax


Designed specially for “Fly the Tristar” Users, an AI/ATC Adventure that may be used by everyone. Package includes ABL Adventure, Flight plan in pdf format, Start Situation,  GPS Engine armed, Charts and Maps available during the flight (using Flight Briefing option). 



If you don’t have installed Fly The Tristar on your computer then you will receive two error messages (Aircraft  failure and Abl script error). In this case, you will be able to fly the adventure with a plane of your choice  but without any ABL adventure feature (sounds, warnings, checklists, flight rating and more)

Some Screenshots (Air Transat L-1011 500 Tristar)

at_02.jpg at_03.jpg at_04.jpg

at_05.JPG at_06.JPG at_07.JPG

at_08.JPG at_09.JPG brf.jpg

  • Download now (800 Kb)

    Simply install in your Main Flight Simulator folder. Start Flight Simulator, choose Select a Flight click on AI/ATC Adventures skill and select Air Transat Flight 262 Toronto to Halifax flight. For more info, you can read the Flight Briefing.


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