– FS2004 Project Open Sky 777 Service Pack

FS2004 Project Open Sky Boeing 777 Series FDE Service Pack D. This revised B777 package includes correct 777 performance and feel based on airline FAA Level D simulators and documentation; use of MSFS payload and fuel editor; use of MSFS flight planner and navigation log for flight/fuel planning; use of true 777 landing gear footprint as default gear points. Standard 3-wheel points have been included as an additional option (courtesy of Philip Foglar) in this update along with more new variants of 777-200ER (PW4098, GE90-90B). Engine start-up time has been modified again for more realistic timing. Also included are the FDEs for the 777-300 series. AES compatability files included. The FDEs included for this series are copyrighted by Project Open Sky, Brandon D. Henry, and Warren C. Daniel.
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