– FSX Mission–Flying For Furs

FSX Mission–Flying For Furs. An FSX adventure flight: Joshua Buckhorn is getting ready for his trip into the Canadian western fur route. As a trader of furs and FBO owner things up here in north Washington are hard in this year of 1949. Just 5 years ago he was flying a huge B-17 over Germany now a new life has brought him into the dangers on bush flying. As always before these flights, new oil and spark plugs must be placed in the plane, tires must be just right and the fuel tanks have got to be full to the top. It is 5:45 AM and a big breakfast is a must before the flight, eggs, grits, potatoes, ham, bacon and NO beans since the gas they produce will disrupt the flight. And don’t forget the “Pipi” Bottle. (Bonus: You get four new airfield in this rich fur and hide country, if business goes well you can return and get more, maybe you can get yourself a jet and fly to Panama for a great holiday). By Gera Godoy Canova. 350 Kb

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