– FS2004 Stinson 108-3 Voyager

FS2004 Stinson 108-3 Voyager. This is the Christmas 1948 model of the Voyager with a bigger tail to handle the extra power from its 150/165 hp Franklin engine. One of the few four seat tourers that could carry full payload and full fuel. Geniunely STOL performance too, but structurally weak and rather slow. Fussy engine but otherwise very easy to fly well. Aircraft made with Abacus FSDS 2.3 and 3.0. This model contains all the usual animations: doors, control surfaces, yokes and pedals in the VC and suspension. Model, base textures and panel.cfg by Brian Gladden. Flight dynamics by FSAviator. Paintshop Pro paint kit and additional textures by Chris Course. Panel bitmap by Steven Grant. 6,6 Mb

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