– FS2004 Royal Hellenic Air Force Gladiator

FS2004 Royal Hellenic Air Force Gloster Gladiator Mk 2 V.2. The Gloster Gladiator Mk 2 was the last British biplane fighter, a development of the Gladiator Mk 1 with a three blade fixed pitch propeller. The Mark 2 had a 830 hp Bristol Mercury VIIIA engine. During December of 1940 the R.H.A.F. (E.B.A.) received eight Mk 2 from Egyptian based R.A.F. Squadrons and six Mk 2 from Greek based R.A.F. Squadrons. All these fighters armed the E.B.A.’s 21st Fighter Squadron and operated from Ioannina’s airport. Complete aircraft. The original model, created by Thicko Bielat and Morton (panel), features the usual moving parts, such as all flight controls, spinning wheels and so on; nav lights added by M. Villa. Two R.H.A.F. (E.B.A.) liveries. Completely new weathered textures by Manuele Villa.
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