– FS2004 F-136B Interceptor

FS2004 F-136B Interceptor. This is the F-136B Orbital Defense Interceptor concept jet fighter, capable of Hyper Mach speeds and space flight capabilities, circa 2014. This concept is based on hybrid engines that convert to rocket propulsion via a closing ‘iris’ system that creates a rocket engine ‘bell’. This model features functioning spoilerons, vectored thrust elevator structures, opening hatch, opening ordinance bombays, retracting slow flight wings, custom panel, VC illuminated instrumentation, appearing wheel chalks and ladder, extending Hyper Mach propulsion fuel nozzles, ‘Viewpoint Smart Mirroring Invisibility’ camouflage system, Mach 4.57 speeds, a second optional .air file that is ‘less powerful’, and comprehensive manual for flight instruction of this elaborate concept bird. Features Kirk Olsson’s sound pack. Modeled in Gmax. By William Ortis, Lionheart Creations.

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