– FS2004 Sukhoi SU-11 ‘Fishpot-C’

FS2004 Sukhoi SU-11 ‘Fishpot-C’. The Sukhoi Su-11 was a development of the Su-9 ‘Fishpot-B’ having a new engine, radar and a revised missile armament. It differed also by having only two underwing pylons, an enlarged ‘blown’ cylindrical nose section, an enlarged radar cone, and radio-transparent panels in the fuselage sides to accommodate an extended radar search angle. The Su-11 served in the Moscow PVO district with the 790th IAP (at Khotilovo) and the 191th IAP (at Efremov). By Brett Hoskins. Panel by Johan Peeters, Erik Aeyes and Mark Osbourne. Sounds by Aaron R. Swindle. 7,9 Mb

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