– FS2004 Piaggio P166

FS2004 Piaggio P166 all versions FDE 2.0 and HTML reference. This is a massive update for the Piaggio P-166 Series aircraft. This package contains an update for all the models, (P-166AMSBL2CL2DL3DL3-SEMDP1) and a pilot handbook in HTML format. You can read it in the full large version or in the reduced size version re-adapted for the electronic FS2004 kneeeboard as “Reference”. All aircraft refer to the same file, so after the introduction to the P-166 and her main characteristics, individual links to the single P-166 versions are included (only “kneeboard” version). The main improvements in the FDEs are a nice stability making the plane just fly straight and level easily, re-calibrated flap and fuselage drags, which makes for better max speed and landing characteristics. Also flaps and landing gear pitch moments are reduced. Now the plane respects the specs of the real thing completely, even matching the changes from version to version. In newer versions, engine power output has been recalculated, as well as new payloads and fuel capacities; you can literally load the passengers and baggage you wish. By Mario Noriega. Thanks to Andrew Spring.
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