– FS2002 Pro Concept Design BAe C4-SST

FS2002 Pro Concept Design BAe C4-SST Aircraft v2.0. Fictitious BAe C4-SST (Super Sonic Transport) operated by IAT (Gmax/FSDS2). Fly 10 passengers and 4 crew in idle luxury at stable Mach 2.0. Reflective textures. Animated parts: full pilot, part copilot, flight controls, unfolding stairs, working canards, ailerons, elevators, elevons, rudder, thrust reversers, engine nozzles, gear with struts, wheels, suspension. Full lighting with individual switches, including splash effects, logo splash, gear inspection lamps, double flash strobes and afterburner (increases thrust) / splash effects. Editable registration number. Auto smoke, wing mist and wingtip contrails. 3D views and DVC. Full original XML panel, mostly CRT touchscreen technology (mouse). Over 140 XML original gauges including auto features (examples, auto take-off and landing). Panel sounds. Sixteen integrated CRT pop-up windows, including GPS, radios with memory banks, clock/timer/alarm, fuel computers, selectors and fuel dump, day/night HUDs, AIRadar, working APU and push back with ground/crew sounds. Also XML moving sectional chart gauge for the UK (additional 5Mb download C4MMAP.ZIP). Original stereo engine sound set included. By Nick Pike 15 Mb

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