– FS2002 SST2010 Europe

FS2002 SST2010 Europe. The shape of things to come in near future. Innovative conceptual models of next-generation Super Sonic Transport to show up in the year 2010. Original futuristic design with canard and swing-wing configuration and luxurious stable mach 2 cruising speed, after study on SST concept designs by NASA, Boeing, and other aeronautical manufacturers, also the time-honored Concorde. This package offers 3 models in European leading airline liveries, Air France, British Airways, and Lufthansa. Featuring canards, swing-wings, ailerons, flaps, spoilers, rudder, landing gears, and landing gear covers in smooth animation. Equipped with a special panel functional with FS2002 pro default gauges, and flight map, radio stack, throttle quadrant, GPS, autopilot, and ATC available. Custom afterburner and smoke effects toggled by I key for enjoying both clean non-smoke environment-friendly flights and heavy-smoke air-polluting yet dynamic-looking flights. Artistic 16-bit bmp textures successfully render respective liveries with realistic service stains moderately applied for even better realism. Enjoy first-class exquisite SST flights ahead of the time. By Shigeru Tanaka.
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