– FS2002 Scenery–Rescue Island West

FS2002 Scenery–Rescue Island West. Rescue Island West was built on an island located in the Bismark Archipilego area of Papua New Guinea. The island itself is stock scenery in both CFS2 and FS2K2. The airports and custom objects were designed and placed there with the hopes of having the greatest possibility of achieving good frame rates while making a very interesting scenery with original designs. This island features three airports, two which have full ATC and AI capability, and a giant bar shaped like a Heineken beer bottle with landable helipads and two runways for challenging landings. The ILS approaches at Main Base and Sky Harbor were made very close to the canyon walls purposely for added excitement. It also features many custom objects including a helipad honor ring for ceremonies, custom hangars and a custom terminal building with a rotating bar and restaraunt, all of which are landable including the tops of the control towers. All objects have special custom night lighting effects. Have a cool one at the bar or take a sightseeing trip around, this place has it all. By John H. Auger.
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