– FS2002 Pro Concept Design BAe C4-SST

FS2002 Pro Concept Design BAe C4-SST v1.0 Full XML Panel. Fictitious BAe C4-SST (Super Sonic Transport) operated by IAT. Fly 10 passengers and 4 crew in idle luxury at Mach 2.0. Many animations including pilot/yokes, unfolding stairs, working canards, ailerons, elevators, elevons, split rudder, gear, struts, rolling wheels. full lighting, all with individual switches. Full panel, mostly CRT with touchscreen technology (mouse). Over 130 XML original gauges including auto features (examples, auto take-off and landing). Panel sounds. 13 integrated CRT pop-up windows, including GPS, radios with memory banks, clock/timer/alarm, fuel computers and selectors, FMC, working APU and AIRadar. Day/night HUDs. Auto smoke. 3D views and DVC. Makes use of either default or FS2000 Concorde sounds. Force feedback levels. Additional features and custom gauges by many well known developers. By Nick Pike.

10 Mb

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