– FS2002 Frontier Flight Boeing 737-200

FS2002 Frontier Flight Boeing 737-200. Features almost all the Gmax features with 64 sided fuselage, all the moving control surfaces, rolling wheels, moving pitch and aileron trims, opening doors, retractable stairs, cargo doors, steerable front landing gear, animated compressing struts, animated reversers, transparent canopy with 3D pilots inside, dark windshield glass, 3D gear bays, sliding flaps and outboard slats, FS2002 style landing light, beacon lights, nav lights, strobe lights and logo lights, FS2002 style night lighting, 1024×1024 and 512×512 textures and accurate and realistic flight dynamics Repainting by Mior Ahmad Ridzuan Ahmad Sam Original by YeoDesigns Group.2,1 Mb

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