– FS2002 Scenery–Green Mountain Fly-Inn

FS2002 Scenery–Green Mountain Fly-Inn, VT. This is a fictional scenery of a quaint little get away called the Green Mountain Fly-Inn. It is located on a real airport in Wolcott, Vermont called the taylor Farm Strip. The default 2000 foot grass strip has been replaced with a 2300 foot paved strip. Other additions include the main lodge, a patio with BBQ, many tables and even an above ground swimming pool. There are also several cabins for folks who want a little more privacy. There is a main hangar and two other shed type hangars for shelter for the resident aircraft. The no vacancy sign is up so why don’t you stay for the weekend. Requires Gerrish Greys Tree Library (TREES_V3.ZIP). Very dense scenery, you will need a powerful computer to run it well. By Brian Gladden.
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