– Motis Virtual Jet Aircraft Design Company

Motis Virtual Jet Aircraft Design Company. Motis is slated to be the next generation in virtual aviation. Ever since the birth of flight simulation and virtual aviation, countless flightsim enthusiasts have marveled over the grace and realism that computer based aviation has brought to their lives. The future is now and Motis will be the catalyst to create a renaissance in virtual aviation. While virtual aviation strives to imitate real world aviation the designers at Motis have a slightly different goal for the future of virtual aviation. Our goal is simply to create a legacy for virtual aviation. The M22 is the first of the next generation of virtual aircraft, that we at Motis hope will revolutionize this industry. Motis is scheduled to begin operations on September 15th 2002 with the release of the M22 Air Taxi. Until then enjoy our video presentation on the M22 Air Taxi.

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