– FS2000/FS2002 USAF Boeing 737-200 Janet

FS2000/FS2002 USAF Boeing 737-200 Janet Airlines, registration N5294E. One of the converted 737’s used by the USAF to transport its workers from Las Vegas to Groom Lake (Area 51), Tonapah Test Range (TTR) and Desert Rock Airfield. Features full 3D moving surfaces, flight and ground spoilers, rolling wheels, steerable nose gear with landing light, landing light beams, un-synchronised strobe lighting, transparent flight deck windows, flight crew, 3D compressor blades, working thrust reversers, rounded fuselage and engines, 2002 smoke trails, accurate model design and .air file. Original by Terry Gaff. Repainted by David Budd. 3,5 Mb

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