– FS2002 NATO Boeing E-32A AWACS

FS2002 NATO Boeing E-32A AWACS in photo-realistic NATO-OTAN 50th Anniversary livery with semi-transparent windshield, interior views and animated cockpit crew. Precision moving parts include ailerons, slats, spoilers and double slotted flaps. Extended night lighting effects include cockpit, cabin window, tail logo, navs, beacons, strobes, landing lights with splash on fuselage, wings and engines also ground illuminated landing light beams. Fine-tuned flight dynamics. Panel with all working gauges and latest version of Boeing 757 sound pack. Visual model created and painted by Apichart Owcharoenporn. Flight dynamics edited by Chris Williams. Panel and interior cockpit views by Greg Hatstat. Sounds by Mike Hambly.

900 Kb

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