– FS2000/FS2002 Pro Lockheed Model 14-H2

FS2000/FS2002 Pro Lockheed Model 14-H2 Super Electra. This L14-H2 model is the first of five Lockheed Model 14 aircraft released for FS2000/FS2002. The Lockheed Model 14 was initially developed as a faster competitor against the Douglas DC-2. When the DC-3 was developed, the Model 14, while faster, could not compete with the DC-3’s passenger economy. However, the real value of the Model 14 lies in what was developed from it – namely the Hudson bomber and a very long line of patrol bombers for the US Navy. One of two liveries in this package is for the Navy XR4O-1 – a Model 14-H2 sold to the Navy for evaluation. Download L14SDC00.ZIP for sounds. FSDS model, animation and panel configuration by Dave Carroll. 8,4

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