– FS2002 Pro Hughes H-1B

FS2002 Pro Hughes H-1B Rel. 23, full package. This is the FS2002 release including all updates and new wing leading edge and texture files. This package is FS2002 specific with FS2002 .cfg and .air files. For FS2000, see H1BDC03.ZIP. The H-1, designed by Howard Hughes and Richard Palmer and built by Glenn Odekirk, was developed to be the fastest landplane in the world. Piloted by Howard Hughes, the H-1 achieved a new world record speed of 352.322 mph on 09/13/35 (with a shorter wing) and a more remarkable transcontinental record of 332 mph over the distance of 2490 miles between Burbank, CA and Newark, NJ on 01/19/37. FSDS model, animation and two panel configurations by Dave Carroll. 9,2 Mb

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