– FS2002 Nimbus 2003

FS2002 Nimbus 2003. An innovative formation to expand a new fun dimension in FS2002. Ultimate ultralight flying craft – Nimbus 2003 after the magic broomstick in the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Highly detailed fantasy model with a touch of wonderful magic, offering eye-pleasing full-swing animation, cool and clean virtual cockpit views, and fantastic pure pleasure of flying in the air you have never experienced before. Featuring a formation flight of the sparkling Golden Snitch with moving wings as a pathfinder, Nimbus 2003 broomstick with flashing moving stick end as elevator, a highly detailed pilot with turning head and legs in sync with left and right turns, and the white owl Hedwig with moving wings and tail – probably the world’s first bird flight simulation. By Shigeru Tanaka. 600 Kb

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