– FS2002 Iberia Airbus A320 "The Complete Package"

FS2002 Iberia Airbus A320 "The Complete Package" for MS FS2k2
Professional By Mike Stone, Miguel Angel Pérez Soria, Miguel Angel Álvarez,
Achim Burger, Package by Jorge Salas. This is a complete Airbus 320 package
featuring the GMAX A320 model by Mike Stone, two all new Iberia livery textures
by Miguel Angel Pérez Soria (with night textures), authentic Airbus panel by
Miguel Angel Álvarez V1.1 (reworked and modified by Jorge Salas – optional
enabled version included), authentic custom airbus sound package by Dr. Achim
and reflective texture modifications by Jorge Salas. This compilation hopes to
be one of
the finest most complete freeware Airbus packages released to date. 8,9 Mb

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