– FS2002 CATALINA PBY-6A "Flying Calypso" Amphibious

FS2002/ CATALINA PBY-6A “Flying Calypso” Amphibious.
Operated by the Cousteau Society during the 1970s. The aircraft was a flying Camera platform and home base for 10 men during the filming of the Society’s televised environmental programs.
The aircraft was lost under tragic circumstances in Portugal, 1979 resulting in the death of Jaques Cousteau’s son Phillippe. By Harry Follas and Brian Horsey.
Panel by Brian Horsey with assistance from Harry Follas. The main panel and control column Bitmaps for this panel are modified from the PBY panel by Dave Haskell. Full night lights and moving parts.
Soundpackage By Aaron R. Swindle
Panel adaptation for fs2002 and flight dynamics by: Alejandro Villa 4,8 Mb

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