– FS2002 C182RG United Nations Aircraft

FS2002 C182RG United Nations Aircraft. A repaint of the
Stock C182RG into United Nations Colors of white/blue..
The C-182RG has a Lycoming 235 Hp Piston Engine.
Max speed is 160 kts and recomended cruise speed
of 156 kts. Stall speed is 50 kts (58 mph), Has two
wing tanks holding 96 gal (607 lbs) total). Acft gross
weight is 3100 lbs and empty weight 1846 lbs. It has
a range of 844 NM and 4.88 hours. Dimensions 28.8 ft
long, 8.11 ft high at tail and a wingspan of 35.1 ft. Has
Transparent windows, flaps, retractable landing gear
and all flight surfaces are moveable. Repaint by Bob Bongiovanni. 2,1 Mb

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