– FS2002 Lockheed U2 ST Trainer variant

FS2002 Lockheed U2 ST Trainer variant. Full animation of flaps ailerons rudder and elevator, landing gear, spoilers and airbrakes, rolling wheels, full lighting taking advantage of FS2002, Pilot and Instructor in full pressure suits. Pogos vanish independantly of the undercarriage before take off but do not support the aircraft in ground operation (this is due to myself wanting a realistic landing without the Pogos providing support as per real life), however the undercarriage track has
been widened so that taxiing is possible. If you look carefully at a fully fuelled U2 in the Sim you’ll notice a wingtip droops down. Try landing in a strong crosswind without destroying the wings as you try to steer! How do they do
it! Completely new aircraft model by David Bushell 726 Kb

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