– FS2002 Gaia Mesh System Preview

FS2002 Gaia Mesh System Preview

This Terrain Mesh scenery cover the area of Switzerland included between N 47 E7 to N45 E6. This is a new kind of terrain designed with ‘Gaia Mesh System’ which use Digital data from high quality topo maps in order to create Mesh Scenery for FS2002 – a new and Revolutionary techniqe never seen in flight simulation.This system also reduce the size of the Packages – a typical 3 mb can now be packed into a 200 kb and drastically cuts down downloads times for terrain mesh scenery.The terrain is very much detailed – as this techniqe is very strong – and has been developed with the idea in mind to detect those elevations in low to medium rise terrain – every single bump!!.
It also offer Very high Frames Rates By Raimondo Taburet 368 Kb

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