FSX – EBTY Maubray Airfield

FSX – EBTY Maubray Airfield. This small airfield with a grass runway is located near Tournai in Belgium. He’s mainly used for gliders with the wonderful particularity to help physically handicapped people who want to become glider’s pilot. Photoreal textures on hangars and buildings, road traffic included. This scenery is compatible Acceleration and dx10. Visit our website

By Jean-Philippe Pierard & Emmanuel Pierard of FS-Creation.

58.5 MB


FSX – KBOI Gowen Field Airport

FSX – KBOI Gowen Field Airport. The KBOI/Gowen Field airport has been updated for FSX. The terminal is accurately represented as is the new fire station. Gates are assigned to the airlines that use them as of this writing.  I have added, * the National Interagency Fire Center [NIFC] (If you have the Neptune RJ85 Fire Bomber it will use a gate assigned on the NIFC pad.)
* SkyWest Maintenance Hangar and taxiway * The Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) training strip south of Gowen Field * the ASR9 radar facility (thanks to Jim Dhaenens for the radar!) * the FBOs * US Customs * UPS and Fedex facilities * Gowen Field apron facilities

By Brett Delana

8.5 MB


FSX – Five Terrains Around Dijon

FSX –  Five Terrains Around Dijon Version 3.1. To Use Like a Standalone, or  Like a Update to The 3.1. Freeware. With a French  Readme too.

By G.Guichard

6.5 MB


FSX – Nassau Airport (83FL)

FSX – Nassau Airport (83FL) located on the N.E coast of Florida (FL), USA is a privately owned, private use facility established in March, 1983. 83FL features a 3150 x 60 ft lighted concrete runway with a lighted wind indicator. The airport lists 18 home based aircraft – 13 single engine, 2 multi engine, 1 helicopter and 2 ultralights.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


FSX – Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport

FSX – Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport. This scenery mod will add the new Northwest Florida Beaches Airport in Panama City, FL, USA; identifier KECP. This airport is not present in the default FSX or P3D scenery since it was not opened until 2012. This scenery features a custom modeled terminal, FBO, cargo building, and tower. Custom GP textures are used to enhance the taxiway layout. I also include the current approaches so you can load them into the default GPS. The airspace around ECP has also been added, and correct ATC frequencies are used. I’ve also included AFCADs for other airports around Panama city including adding four heliports, updating two seaplane bases, updating the AFCAD for Tyndall Airbase, and lastly adding the Tyndall Drone Airfield.

By CountryFlyboy

79.5 MB


FSX – Tocumen International Airport

FSX – Tocumen International Airport MPTO. Completely revamped the default airport and added the missing terminal and taxiway. Added gates in front of the under-construction new terminal. (the terminal is not ready, however the few gates in front of it are being used in real-life.) Updated Taxi-Ways. All gates in the real airport.

By Jean Guiraud

50.5 MB


FSX/P3D – Lakeland Linder Regional Airport

FSX/P3D – Lakeland Linder Regional Airport (KLAL), Florida (FL), USA. This scenery will update Lakeland Linder Regional Airport. AFCAD has been completely redone. Updates include correcting taxiway layout, updating approaches, updating ILS navaid to use runway 9, special Sun and Fun version included. Scenery is self contained with no additional downloads required.

By CountryFlyboy

129 MB


FSX/P3D/FSW – Orlando Seaplane Base

FSX/P3D/FSW – Orlando Seaplane Base  Florida (FL), USA). This scenery will add Orlando Seaplane base to the scenery of FSX, P3D and FSW. The airport is not present in the default scenery of any of these sims. In addition to adding the airport the scenery around Lake Apopka has been improved and there are even sound effects around the base. This scenery uses default objects so no additional downloads are required. Scenery is compatible with FSX Acceleration, FSX Gold, FSX-SE, all versions of P3D, and Flight Sim World. For best results use ORBX Global plus vector and open LC installed, but these are not required.

119 MB


FSX/P3D – Invercargill NZNV Scenery

FSX/P3D – Invercargill NZNV Scenery. Invercargill is the medium-sized regional airport located at the southern end of New Zealand, near the city of Invercargill. It was built in 1938 on a land reclaimed from a nearby river, and was prone to flooding, until a system of open drains was created, which is represented in this scenery — alongside the new terminal opened in 2016. Air New Zealand’s ATR 72 and Q300 are scurrying to here daily, and their A320 is also visiting Invercargill every now and then. Another prominent visitor is Steward Island’s Britten-Norman BN-2. While the real NZNV can easily accomodate a 757, spawning here in anything larger than A320 or B738 is not advisable.

By Dmitriy Kozyrev

65.5 MB


FS2004 – 1962 Iceland Scenery

FS2004 – 1962 Iceland Scenery. Two airports are included in this scenery:1. BIRK Reykjavik airport. Reykjavik airport was the main civilian airport in Iceland. Reykjavik airport was the home of Icelandair (Flugfelag Islands) and Loftleidir. 2. BIKF Keflavik airport. Keflavik was a U.S. Naval Air Station that had a joint use agreement with Pan Am for international civilian flights. Military charters also used Keflavik. Keflavik was the main North Atlantic air station for anti submarine and electronic surveilance aircraft during the cold war. *This scenery also includes two landclass files (located inside the “landclass” folder). *For EditVoicePack users, I have included four files that you can import into your EditVoicePack. This corrects the mispronounciation of “Reykjavik” and “Keflavik” with two of the default voices.

By  Mike Stevens

5.5 MB


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