FS2004 – Tokyo 2017

FS2004 – Tokyo 2017. This scenery is Flight Simulator Tokyo areas. Remarks: Recommended combined with Tokyo, Made in Technobrain or Overland. and Shige’s scenery. Buildings: Toranomon Hills Mori Tower, Roppongi Grandtower, Aeon Laketown and more.

By Karayar

77 MB


FSX – DeFuniak Springs Airport (54J)

FSX – DeFuniak Springs Airport (54J) located in NW Florida (FL), USA is a publicly owned, public use facility established in April, 1946. 54J features a 4146 x 60 foot lighted asphalt runway with 2-light PAPI, both ends. There is also a 2700 x 60 foot dirt runway. The airport has a lighted wind indicator in a segmented circle and a sunset to sunrise white-green beacon. The airport is home to 34 aircraft, single engine to ultralight

By Fred Zealor

2 MB


FSX/P3D – PR20 Adjuntas/Rullan Field Photoscenery

FSX/P3D – PR20 Adjuntas/Rullan Field Photoscenery. PR20 is a privately ownd airfield sitting on top of a flattened mountain peak, in the heart of West-Central Puerto Rico. It is a 20 minute hop from TJPS (Ponce), about 18 NM on Radial 325 PSE, and it features a rough-asphalt 1500’x 40′ runway with deadly cliffs on both ends. Because of this it earned the nickname “the carrier landing”. This scenery features 1m arc/s elevation mesh to match local topography as best as possible, however this was not enough….a lot of work had to be done manually to create the flattened mountain top where the airport resides. THe area has been populated with custom made flora, and autogen. No night textures as this is an airport that does not operate dusk/dawn. Runway and apron textures are all custom, with a combination of LOD 16 and LOD 17 photoreal base.

By PhotoRico Scenery Project

242 MB


FSX – Tallinn Airport EETN

FSX – Tallinn Airport EETN, This software package contains the latest version of Tallinn airport with new taxiways, extended runway (3490 m), new tower frequency (135.900 MHz) and surrounding obstacles. It is backward compatible with FSX SP2. The scenery was highly optimized to allow all-weather operations. NAV data including SIDs/STARs, waypoints and RNAV routes within Tallinn FIR are up to date (AIRAC effective date 3 Aug 2017). Real NAV charts were helpfully provided by the Estonian ANS (EANS). Weather Explorer is a stand-alone program requiring Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 or later.

By Stas Neznamov

57 MB


FSX – Scotland Masts for Orbx EU Scotland.

FSX – Scotland Masts for Orbx EU Scotland. All TV/radio masts and relays (taller than 40m) in Scotland, plus some additional radar/telecoms installations. Requires Orbx EU Scotland scenery. Works with FSX, FSX Steam or Prepar3D. Works with or without Scotflight for Orbx. Auto-installing freeware.

By Scotflight Scenery (Iain Gallacher and Iain Murray) –

15 MB


FSX – Kuala Lumpur International Airport

FSX – Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This is an update files for fixing bugs that have been reported to us:• Fix bugs of signs both on the jetways and on the ground. (wrong label and double signs in some places) • Fix crash when park on gate P4-12 • Add tower view of KLIA2 by choosing WMKT airport list. • Fix vehicle links preventing vehicle using taxiway. • Rain effect of the asphalt surface of taxiway and runway.  • Change the Approach light system of runways: RWY14-32 R and L have REIL red and green, RWY 15-33 is CAT I without TDZ light. • RWY15-33 has light on the poles of 3d models. • Remove wrong texture on KLIA2 terminal. Add missing roof on small building near Post Office at KLIA old LCCT. • Glide slope ILS on RWY33.

By Joshua Peanjo

10.5 MB


FSX – Roy E. Ray Airport (5R7)

FSX – Roy E. Ray Airport (5R7) located in SouthEast Alabama (AL), USA is a privately owned, public use facility established in July, 1965. 5R7 features a 2000 x 150 foot wide turf runway with a wind indicator. The airport is home to 35 aircraft – 32 single engine, 2 multi engine and 1 ultralight.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Putrajaya 2017 Scenery

FSX/FS2004 – Putrajaya 2017 Scenery. Putrajaya is located in Malaysia. You can fly to Putrajaya after takeoff at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (WMKK) on Runway 32L, 32R, 33. Then, you will see Putrajaya at 2 o’clock.

By Zurib Aerospace MFSG

47.5 MB


FSX Scenery-Bellingham International Airport

FSX Scenery-Bellingham International Airport (KBLI). Bellingham International is an international airport that serves the city of Bellingham, WA. The airport has one large runway, and typically sees both general aviation traffic and commercial traffic. The main airlines that fly into KBLI are Allegiant Air and Alaska/Horizon Airlines. Enjoy!

By Jonathan Pavel

5.5 MB


FSX – Scenery Destin Executive Airport

FSX – Scenery Destin Executive Airport (KDTS) located in NorthWest Florida (FL), USA is a publicly owned, public use facility established in February, 1965. KDTS features a 5001 x 100 foot wide lighted asphalt runway with a lighted wind indicator in a  segmented circle and a Sunset to Sunrise beacon. The airport is home to 21 aircraft – 15 sigle engine, 3 multi engine and 1 jet.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


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