FSX/P3D – Scenery Ottawa 2017

FSX/P3D – Scenery Ottawa 2017. Extensive scenery for the city of Ottawa, capital of Canada. Contains more than 500 custom and default objects, including landmarks like Parliament Hill, many buildings in the downtown core and the Byward Market, shopping areas like Bayshore and Carlingwood Mall, sports facilities like Lansdowne Park and the Canadian Tire Centre, and many more.  Also adds many roads, some with ground traffic, and extensive areas of landclass. Several Easter Eggs are visible to pilots willing to search, and many gas stations allow aircraft to refuel. This scenery has been tested in P3D, but should work in FSX as well. Includes Traffic for FSX (no fix need)

By Andy Johnston

33 MB


FSX – LTFD 2016 – Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport

FSX – LTFD 2016 – Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport. Civil Airport open since 1997 in Turkey.

By Haluk Alpat

100 Kb


FSX – Scenery 02FA-Osborn Airfield

FSX – Scenery 02FA-Osborn Airfield, located in central Florida is a privately owned, public use facility. 02FA features a 3700 x 120 foot wide lighted turf runway with a wind indicator. The airport is home to 12 single engine aircraft.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


FSX – Khark Island Scenery

FSX – Khark Island Scenery. This scenery build with ADE and fully match with the real world in equipment and build using the last valid real world chart. New apron, change the length of runway, papi light added, military helipad apron, gate and bulding added (match with real world).

5 Kb


FS2004 – KWRB 1962 Warner Robins AFB

FS2004 – KWRB 1962 Warner Robins AFB. I have produced this scenery to provide taxiways and details as they were around 1962 in Warner Robins AFB I have also included new parking to allow the AI aircraft to taxi correctly at the new (old!) airport. Included in this Scenery is also a AI B-52G which was stationed there in Robins 1962

By Wolfgang Gersch

14.5 MB


FSX – Scenery Four Corners Muni

FSX – Scenery Four Corners Muni, Farmington NM. A great jumping off point for flights in the beautiful Southwestern U.S. Completely re-done with all custom buildings.

By Sidney Schwartz

8 MB


FSX/FSX-SE – Scenery 3FA2 FlyHigh Helispot

FSX/FSX-SE  – Scenery 3FA2 FlyHigh Helispot located in central Florida is a privately owned, private use facility. 3FA2 features a 64 x 64 foot asphalt helipad with a wind indicator. The heliport is home to a scenic tour operation.

By Fred Zealor

1 MB


FSX/P3D – Czech GA Airfields Revival 2017

FSX/P3D – Czech GA Airfields Revival 2017. This package contains 73 sceneries of mainly general aviation airfields in the Czech Republic. These sceneries are converted for FSX Accel/SP2 and Prepar3D, aligned to a photoscenery, complemented with static objects, 3D grass, and hi-res ground polygons.

The original sceneries were developed by 37 authors between the years 2002 and 2016.

715 MB


FSX/FSX-SE – Scenery KCTY Cross City Airport

FSX/FSX-SE – Scenery KCTY Cross City Airport located in central Florida is a publicly owned, public use facility. KCTY features a 5001 x 100 foot wide asphalt runway and a 5005 x 75 foot wide asphalt runway, with a lighted wind  indicator in a segmented circle, a white-green beacon and other lights required for night-time operation. The airport is home to 10 aircraft
of all types – single engine to helicopters.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


FSX – Scenery Millville Airport (KMIV)

FSX – Scenery Millville Airport (KMIV). Millville Municipal Airport (KMIV) is located in Millville, New Jersey, USA. This scenery add-on includes seasonal photoreal textures as well as detailed runways, hangars and buildings. It also includes a collection of WWII era AI aircraft that will fly in and perform “airshows” throughout the week.

By Christopher G. Clawson

275.5 MB


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