LAST LANDING of this AIRBUS A340-600 before scrapping + Hot Air Balloon passing by – Good ByeLast wednesday I witnessed the last landing of this Airbus A340-600 at Enschede in the netherlands. As you can see it` s a former Qatar Aiways aircraft but the titles and the logo have been removed. Enschede is just a small airport with almost no regular traffic. The biggest aircrafts which usually operate from this small airport are Cessna Ciation Jets and other bizjets. That` s why the Airbus A340-600 wasn` t even able to vacate the runway on its own. He had to stay on the runway to wait for a pushback truck.

Check out the hot air balloon passing by right after the Airbus A340-600 landed. The people in the balloon must have been a little surprised to see an Airbus A340-600 on the runway at Enschede :D. Funny scene anyway. It` s like an airforceproud95 multiplayer session in real life.

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