FL Technics will exclusively represent Future Metals in Russia and eleven more countries

22b705111baca08f26fb8a68ea1e5aa8FL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has been selected to act as an exclusive representative of Future Metals, which is the leading supplier of aerospace quality metals and other materials to the global aircraft manufacturing and maintenance industry. The company shall represent the supplier in multiple CIS countries, including Russia and Moldova, as well as several neighbouring states, such as Ukraine and Georgia. (more…)

Southeast Asia – a challenge of maintaining the fastest growing rotorcraft fleet in the world

886535b8f30f5c9c8ea1a1578b64cb4dPart of the thriving Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia will remain home to the fastest growing civil rotorcraft fleet in the world this year. Its CAGR is expected to top 21 % and the region will account for 33 % of the global spending on military and 20 % on civil helicopters. Naturally, such a rapid expansion comes with a set of challenges. One of the major ones is related to fleet support, especially in remote areas of the region. Unfortunately, OEMs and independent MRO providers are yet to arrive at a unanimous decision with regard to the most effective solution to the problem. (more…)

OEMs in the aftermarket: a quest for profit

imageWhile engine OEMs have been increasingly successful in securing aftermarket business through exclusive long-term deals, airframe manufacturers haven’t been as lucky in achieving the same results. For instance, a recent PWC analysis showed that less than 4% of the global airline fleet is currently under an airframe manufacturer’s power-by-the-hour contract. Nevertheless, having identified the aftermarket as a clear source of revenue, airframers are still determined to get a piece of the pie.


MRO consolidation: “if” or “when”?

imagePoints of mass

According to TeamSAI, the air transport MRO expenditure will climb over $60bn per year in 2015. The growing market is being propelled by an ever increasing demand for new aircraft, as the current global fleet of more than 23,000 will reach almost 33,000 by 2024. Furthermore, during and afterwards of the recession, airlines have tightened their belts and initiated several mergers that, as pointed out a representative of Kingman’s Airport Authority, have left just 4 airlines responsible for 85% of US market. The position acquired from the mergers has allowed airlines a very favourable position in negotiation with MROs. Therefore, how is the MRO market reacting to the industry changes?


ST Engineering completes deregistration of subsidiary in China

631708847f8b201ce401638d62a15122Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) today updated that further to its announcement on 7 June 2013, the deregistration of ST Electronics (Sichuan) Co., Ltd. (STEC), a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte. Ltd., has been completed.


STA Engines increase capital contribution in STATCO

a814c4a7c39c507cdd56f02b4165e560Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering) updated today that further to its earlier announcement made on 8 September 2014, its aerospace arm, Singapore Technologies Aerospace Ltd (ST Aerospace), through its wholly owned subsidiary ST Aerospace Engines Pte Ltd (STA Engines) has completed the capital injection of US$20.8m (approximately $25.98m) into its Xiamen-based engine MRO joint venture company, ST Aerospace Technologies (Xiamen) Company Limited (STATCO), upon securing regulatory approvals from the Chinese authorities. STA Engines’ total share capital contribution in STATCO now stands at US$41.6m (approximately $55.70m).


FL Technics to add Airbus A330 to its capability list

eb4424c2b45092a253542a137957033cFL Technics, a global provider of tailor-made aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, continues to expand the scope of its activities in the global market. Following the expansion of its total hangar capacity to over 30 000 sq. m., the company‘s management has confirmed plans to introduce Airbus A330 aircraft type to its EASA Part 145 certificate.

The certification is expected to be carried out by summer 2016.


GE Aviation and Turbocoating SPA form Coating Joint Venture

117376442abed432398e746878fba0f1GE Aviation and Turbocoating SPA of Parma, Italy, have formed a 50/50 joint venture, called Advanced Ceramic Coatings, to provide thermal barrier coatings for CMCs used in jet engines.

Advanced Ceramic Coatings (ACC) will operate from a dedicated area of Turbocoating’s U.S. operation in Hickory, North Carolina. Advanced Ceramic Coatings will combine Turbocoating’s proprietary coatings technologies and industrial processes with GE Aviation’s coatings processes developed specifically for CMCs to focus on producing advanced coatings applied to GE’s high-temperature CMCs in the post-fabrication phase.


GE selects M601 and H80 engine Designated Repair Center in the Americas

61cfe39d33049674cfdfdb214e380759Dallas-based Prime Turbines signed an agreement with GE Aviation to become a Designated Repair Center for M601 and H Series engine operators in the Americas.

Under this agreement, Prime Turbines will offer heavy repair services, engines rentals, line replacement unit rotable pools and field service support to all existing and future M601 and H80 engines. GE Aviation will provide OEM parts to meet Prime Turbine’s needs.


PMA parts: the future of aircraft MRO?

f8f3b1b790bc1a1cb3820406350c03d2The rising MRO costs continue to be the reality of aircraft operators all over the world. According to IATA, over the past decade airlines have experienced an annual increase in spare parts prices of around 3-5% per annum. As a result, today maintenance materials and parts account for about 4% (roughly a total of $120 million) of total air carriers’ operating costs.


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