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Adventures Unlimited Vol. 4 - Alitalia
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Fifty years of serving Italy. With around 900 flights per day, the Alitalia Group links Italy with 60 countries and transports in excess of 25 million passengers safely to their destinations every year.Try the exciting experience to become an Alitalia Pilot! This game/add-on will bring you into a new flightsim practice.

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Adventures Unlimited Vol. 4 - Alitalia  was developed with explicit approval of Alitalia Company and in collaboration with VirtuAlitalia, the largest virtual airline real related. The package includes

  • Aircraft: Boeing 767-300, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777-300, Airbus A320.200, McDonnel Douglas MD-11 and MD-80, all in Alitalia livery with highly photorealistics textures

  • Panels: panels features: Captain and First Officer visuals, both interchangeable! Also, you will have  a special  Landing/VFR panel view  to get during the final approach the same visual as in real  life.

  • Sounds: highly realistic sounds covers A320, B747, B777, B767, MD-11 and MD-82

  • Unlimited Adventures! Design yourself all the adventures you want using the exclusive Adventure Compiler, the AI/ATC Adventure Generator that allows the complete interaction with the FS ATC and Traffic generated by the Artificial Intelligence. 

  • The Alitalia Flight  Manager, a software interface written in MS Access (you must have this software installed in your Pc in order to use the Manager) to menage your fleet, the pilot logbook, staticstics, adventures and more.

  • The Alitalia User Guide to help you to learn how to use the Adventure Compiler

  • Flight Manuals includes: Airplane description, Performance, Ground Maneuvering, Terminal Servicing, Jet Engine Wake and Noise Data, Pavement Data.

  • The CheckList Book - an extensive printable manual where you can find all Checklist and procedures of Alitalia fleet



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Sistem Requirement:

  • Ms Flight Simulator 2004 or 2002

  • 200 Mb of free space available

  • MS Access 2000 or higher (required only in order to use the American Airlines Flight Manager)

Product Info |Features| Extras |Adventure Compiler |

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