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For Flight Simulator 2004



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SimHGS in the cockpit

During the take off SimHGS  will inform You when You  reach
the V1, Vr and V2 speeds.

Sistem Requirement:

  • Ms Flight Simulator 2004

  • 50 MB  of free space available

At the beginning the HUD (Head up display) was reserved for Military aircrafts.

Now are available for commercial Airplanes.

And for the enthusiasts of Flight Simulator 2004 now is available SimHGS. A simulated Head Up Guidance System for commercial airplanes.

  • Speed indicator.

  • Wind direction.

  • Wind speed indicated in knots.

  • On Ground indicator.

  • Altitude query indicator.

  • Altitude Hold indicator.

  • MCP Indicators.

  • V1, Vr, V2 Indicators that can be adjust.

  • Gear Up indicator after the take off.

You can easily using SimHGS in any FS2004 installed aircraft

When the SimHGS is loaded the

First time it show in a green color.


If the horizon is to bright to see the green color.

Not matter press the contrast button and HGS will change the color.


When You press the contrast

button and the obtained color is

not good, press again and SimHGS

will change in different colors.


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