F-117A NightHawk 2004

For Flight Simulator 2004 and 2002


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Precision attack aircraft with stealth elements, optimised for radar energy dispersion and  low IR emission.Multi-faceted airframe designed to reflect radar energy away from originating transmitter. Landing gear  tricycle type by Menasco, with single wheels all retracting forward. -Power plant two 48.0 kN (10,800 lb st) class General Electric F404-GE-F1D2 non-  augmented turbofans. Armament principally two 2000 lb bombs: BLU-109B low-level laser-guided or GBU-10/GBU- 27 laser-guided glide weapons; alternatively, AGM-65 Maverick or AGM-88 HARM ASMs

Model Features:

  • Accurate 3D model. 

  • Full mouving parts. 

  • Pilot 3D animations. 

  • Air brake  

  • Canopy open close 

  • Bomb bay/antenna open close 

  • Wings and engine flap 

  • Hook  

  • Refuel receptacle open/close        

  •  Vc cockpit  

  • Reflective texture

  • Sounds

  • Parachute brake

Textures Included:

  • Allied-Force - 37th TFW (80-0790). Eglin AFB
  • Iraqi Freedom - 49th FW Olloman AFB/8th Fighter Squadron
  • Combat Training Squadron - 7th "SREANING DEMONS" 49th FW Olloman AFB
  • Lockheed "SKUNK" (79-10782) 
  • The first Senior Trend YF-117A (79-10780)

Sistem Requirement:

  • Ms Flight Simulator 2004 or 2002

  • 60 Mb of free space available

F-117A NightHawk  * 2003  Marco Martini. All right reserved.