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Adventures Unlimited VOl. 7 - Delta Air Lines
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Adventures Unlimited Vol. 7 - Delta Air Lines
(Product includes "Fly The Md-11" in Delta color)

 for Flight Simulator 2004

A Game Add-On for Microsoft Flight Simulator that lets you fly using Delta Airlines planes. Seat-on in your favorite aircraft and enjoy the realistic ambience of flight recreated by the exclusive Adventure Manager. You can menage your flight before compiling an adventure and then select it from 1000 pre-saved flights. You can find Navigation Charts and Maps during the flight


Fleet Adventure Manager Features

Detla Air Lines Adventures includes: 

  • 10 Aircraft in Delta Airlines - Fleet also includes "Fly The Md-11" plane in Delta color. Click here for more info about the Perfect Flight's Md-11 plane

  • Adventure Manager: You have 1000 pre-saved flight ready to be compiled using our exclusive Adventure Manager. You can now choice your flight and select it from one of 130 Airport menaged by our Compiler. Also you don't need of Flight Simulator to set weather,  time and season, refueling the plane, set speeds amd more. The Adventure Manager will compile for you an ABL adventure that you will have available in your Flight Simulator!. Flights covers the entire Delta Timetable. Adventures features:

  • Complete Ai/ATC interaction

  • Ai/Traffic available during the adventure  Speed restriction

  • Flight rating 

  • Cabin Announcement; gear, flaps, parking brakes 

  • Check Lists (pre-start, taxi, before t/o, after t/o, descend, landing, parking)

  • Speeds Call, 80 Kn,V1, Vr, V2, flaps, gear GPWS

  • Radar Altimeter

  • Panels and Sounds. Each plane features custom panels and stereo sounds.  Also panels includes a new Checklist Icons Menager that allows you to have all checklists visible in your cockpit!

  • Flight Briefing and Charts Database. The Adventure Manager generates a complete Flight Briefing for each flight compiled by you and you have also full access to Charts and Maps Database during the flight. That makes your flights more realistic, as in real life!


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Sistem Requirement:

  • Ms Flight Simulator 2004

  • 600 MB  of free space available

|Product Info |Fleet| Adventure Manager |Features


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