BOEING 747 LANDING – Second B747-200 CLASSIC within 4 weeks (4K)

BOEING 747 LANDING – Second B747-200 CLASSIC within 4 weeks (4K)A Boeing 747-200 Classic in year 2020 is an incredible rarity. If you are able to see just one of these first generation Jumbo Jets you are quite lucky. In Maastricht we got the chance to see two of them within just 4 weeks. The shown Boeing 747 belongs to the georgian cargo company “The Cargo Airlines” and operated a cargo charter flight for “Geo Sky”. A few weeks ago I already showed you the landing of another B747 Classic (4L-GEN/Geo Sky).

The weather was just perfect and around 70 planespotters showed up at Maastricht Airport to film the arrival of this classic plane. Sadly this should have been the last cargo charter flight of Geo Sky at Maastricht and I am not sure if I ever get the chance to see another B747 Classic. There are just around 10 of them left in the world and most of them are not flying to Europe anymore.

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