OOPS, WRONG AIRPORT – BYE – Boeing 707 TOUCH & GO at a civil airport (4K)

OOPS, WRONG AIRPORT – BYE – Boeing 707 TOUCH & GO at a civil airport (4K)This heavily modified french Boeing 707 (KC135) performed a fantastic Touch & Go at Düsseldorf two weeks ago. Within the past 20 years I haven` t seen a singe KC135 at DUS and it was a very unusual vistor. The aircraft was on a training flight and refueled two belgian F16 planes high above Düsseldorf on FL280 for about two hours while flying in circles. After the training was finished the KC135 descended and requested four touch and goes at Düsseldorf. Langen Radar allowed just one of them and I was there to film it. What a unique sight!

It` s kinda surreal to see this modified Boeing 707 in between Boeing 737` s and Boeing 757` s of Tuifly and Condor in 2019. Would have loved to listen to the ATC conversation between the TWR and the Tuiflly Boeing 737. “Tuijet73P behind the approaching Boeing 707 Tanker line up runway 23L behind and wait” – “Behind the approching B707 Tan — Wait … what ???”

Another amazing visitor this week was an upgrade from the usual Airubs A321 to an Airbus A330-300 of Aeroflot. Fantastic looking plane!

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