FSX – Legacy Radios – Loran-C Simluations – King LC-800x Receivers

FSX – Legacy Radios – Loran-C Simluations – King LC-800x Receivers. This legacy King LC-800x Loran package makes use of C:\FSX_RNAV_LOGGER\ KING800x.CSV, file for ten (10) waypoint memories where the User’s List of destinations are stored. Thanks to Robbie McElrath’s “Logger” the project uses storage of these locations with direct panel access and editing. Included is a Remote CDI Indicator and a Waypoint “viewer” for each list, meaning the FSX Flight Planner is also used for training and study purposes, and uses independant navigation calculations while not relying on VHF nor GPS routines to discover world orientations. All XML files, as in past packages, can be installed manually, or with recomended editors like FS Panel Studio software for “better fits” to existing panels or new windows. Two document files explain the setup and operation of these lat/long DDM-based Loran Units. By Ronald Prindle.

By Ron Prindle

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