AIRBUS A320 vs. ILYUSHIN IL-76 – “Let` s race to the runway”

AIRBUS A320 vs. ILYUSHIN IL-76 – “Let` s race to the runway” The Ilyushin IL76 of Volga just started taxing to the runway and taxiway Mike was empty but suddenly an Airbus A319 of Germanwings cut off the IL76 while taxing to the holding point of runway 23L. It almost looked like it would be an easy win for the germanwings crew until an Eurowings Airbus A320 suddenly showed up out of nowhere and cut off the GWI A319. The Gerwanwigns crew didn` t care at all and overtook the Eurowings Airbus at the holding point. Easy win for GWI, Eurowings got second and the Ilyushin ended uo as Number three.

An Ilyushin IL-76 of Volga Dnepr visited us yesterday and of course I tried fo film it. I could just show you the Departure and the arrival but I decided to included a few “normal planes” to point out the visual difference of the Airbus planes and the IL76. As you might now the IL76 and the Dc-8 are my favorite planes and it` s kinda hard to film one of these planes nowadays, especially at my home airport Düsseldorf. The shown IL-76 is a modern IL76 with modified engines with almost no significant sound. It sounds like an Airbus and can` t be compared to an IL76TD with classic

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