FSX – RNAV Ground Speed “Zero” Update

FSX – RNAV Ground Speed “Zero” Update. Unlike the GPS constant ground speed readout, VORTAC/DME-ARC’ing ground speed is near zero at a constant distance away from the facility. This update corrects my RNAV Projects “ground speed” (DME’s) for proper values based on waypoint data, not across the ground velocity. Recent XML updated code changes show the same situation, the RNAV ground speed now displays “zero-ground speed” abeam the RNAV waypoint. This is a valuable piece of information while conducting “ARC-ing” procedures to RNAV waypoints, not just VORTAC facilities. The enclosed README.TXT file lists the RNAV XML files that have been updated, their current versions and the Nav it operates under, shown in their repective folder arrangement.

By Ronald Prindle

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