FSX – Beech 1900 Pacific Coastal Fleet

FSX – Beech 1900 Pacific Coastal Fleet. This is the complete set of textures for each of the Beech 1900 aircraft in the Pacific Coastal fleet. It matches the Aircraft file in the UTT Summer 2018 FlightPlans for Pacific Coastal. I have, as far as possible, copied the current liveries, taken from the most recent photos online, generally from These are textures for the excellent Beech 1900 models by Henry Tomkiewicz. You will need both the C and D models, as there are substantial differences, and the textures from one won’t fit on the other. Please note that the UTT Flightplan mentioned above is not quite correct in the Aircraft list. This gives all the Beech 1900s as the C version, when in fact four of the nine are the D version.

By Brian King

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