FSX – Legacy Radios Updates 2018

FSX – Legacy Radios Updates 2018. This KNS-81 RNAV package makes use of C:\FSX_RNAV_LOGGER\KNS81.TXT, a package recently introduced for the KN-74 & KNC-610 RNAVs, whereby  the KNS-81 makes use of ten (10) waypoint memories where the others  only used one. Thanks to Robbie McElrath’s “Logger” the project uses  storage of these locations with direct panel editing. Included is a  new Remote DME and a Waypoint “viewer” for training/study purposes  and uses the existing VOR #2 heads already delivered in past RNAV  Projects. All XML files, as in past packages, can be installed  manually, or with recomended editors like FS Panel Studio software for “better fits” to existing panels.

By Ronald Prindle

6 MB

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