BOEING 747 gets LOST AFTER LANDING – Where are you, FOLLOW ME CAR?I finally filmed the Boeing 747-400 of National Airlines and I would like to dedicate this video to the missing follow me car which was the reason why I got a few beautiful taxi video clips because the Boeing 747 had to line up and vacate runway 24 an additional time. 🙂 in my opinion this is the most beautiful Boeing 747 livery worldwide. It` s been almost four years since I saw this B747 for the last time and I was very happy to see it again at Liege last sunday. National is not a usual visitor at Liege and that` s why they probably didn` t know exactly where to go after landing. To be honest, the assigned parking position which is the de-ice platform position during the winter season is a little weird cause you park parallel to the taxiway. I was surprised there was no follow me car around. The crew of the Boeing 747 missed the correct taxiway and as a result they had to line up runway 24 again and when they vacated they got some assistance by a follow me car.

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