FS2004/CFS2 – Arado Ar240 C4

FS2004/CFS2 – Arado Ar240 C4. The Ar240 was a developement for the RLM request for a fast medium ac to do sveral tasks, as the Me410.Designed in the early 40’s as a Jabo-Schnellbomber, it was fast and potentially very capable. Unfortunately it was not such a good aircraft to fly, with sveral bad vices, so was nver produced in large numbers and those pre-production versions were only used on the Russian front. Carrying a crew of two in tandem. It mounted two DB603 1750hp engines, and with the sleek design gave it a top speed of 410mph at 16,000ft, comparible to the DH Mosquito. Carrying 20mm MG151s cannon and machine guns in the nose and four mg15s in the twin turrets, along with an external bomb load up to 1000kgs as standard, if developed would have proved capable. Further projected developments included a night fighter, heavy fighter/fighter bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.

Base Nachtjager model and texture by Chris Lampard, textures,  VC and 2D panels by Shessi

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