RARE! NATO Boeing C-17A Globemaster III @ Toronto Pearson Int’l

RARE! NATO Boeing C-17A Globemaster III @ Toronto Pearson Int’l September 21 and 29, 2017Hello everyone! Welcome to this video!

Lets start military week on my channel! From Monday-Friday, I will be uploading all the military catches that I caught during the time the 2017 Invictus Games were held here in Toronto.

The second 2017 Invictus Games military movement was the Romanian Team arriving on a NATO C-17A Globemaster III. This flight for me was completely unexpected and was the main reason I was out on this Thursday afternoon. A friend of mine had called me to tell me “something dear to my heart” was coming in on Thursday but never in hell would I have guessed that it would be this! For the fact that I am Hungarian too and these Globemaster III’s are based in Papa, Hungary made it a personal catch for me as well. Last time I went to Hungary I do remember seeing all three of them parked at the base in Papa while on my way up north.

The first flight here was filmed on 21SEP17 on Thursday afternoon. I had been scouting around Toronto Pearson Int’l where I went to position myself between RWY 15L and RWY 15R since those were the two RWY’s in use at the time. As I was on my way to the halfway mark between the two I heard something “41 HEAVY” call in and I immediately thought to myself that I do not know any flight with that number at this time of the day so I headed to RWY 15L because that was the RWY he was immediately assigned to after that. Well, upon checking the radar, I saw that it was a NATO C-17A Globemaster III descending for Toronto and I honestly lost almost all my motor skills 😀 I notified several spotters in the area before parking at RWY 15L to meet up with some other guys and catching this amazing bird come in while greeting the Hungarian subscribers on YouTube as well. After he had landed, I got some video of the tow crew pushing him into the North End but I couldn’t film it for long due to the next military flight was coming which will be uploaded later. Needless to say, this NATO Boeing C-17A Globemaster III made it as my First Top 3 Catches of 2017.

The second flight was filmed on 29SEP17 on a Friday that I had off from college. I had been previously tipped off that with the 2017 Invictus Games in Toronto coming to a close, this bird should be back and back she came. This time from Hunter Army Airfield in Hinesville, Georgia as BRK22. I had tracked the flight up from the States until Kitchener where he started a holding pattern due to a mini-storm that came in at the time. The hold was due to a RWY switch to RWY 33L and RWY 33R but by the time the storm had gone in twenty minutes, they went back to RWY 23 and RWY 24R so I headed to the Parking Garage to catch the landing on RWY 23 before going to the North Lounge and catching his push in.

Such an amazing aircraft and I am so glad I was able to catch it! Thanks for watching this video everyone and I’ll catch you all in the next one!



Flight #1:

Airline: Operated by NATO/ SAC (Strategic Airlift Command)
Flight: BRK41
Call sign: “BARTOK 41 HEAVY”
Aircraft: Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
Registration: 02
Origin: Bucharest Henri Coandă Int’l (LROP)

Date Filmed: 21SEP17
Time: 1334hrs

Flight #2:

Airline: Operated by NATO/SAC (Strategic Airlift Command)
Flight: BRK22
Call sign: “BARTOK 22 HEAVY”
Aircraft: Boeing C-17A Globemaster III
Registration: 02
Origin: Hunter Army Airfield (KSVN)

Date Filmed: 29SEP17
Time: 1455hrs

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